20-week scan and pink tutus

There’s been a lot of excitement around here lately, and as a result, I haven’t posted week-by-week updates like I meant to. The biggest update, of course, is our 20-week anatomy scan. The word is in: Girls!
We were so thankful to see two healthy, active girls on the ultrasound monitor. Our doctor said they looked “just beautiful,” and they’re growing at a good rate. They also already have several pink things stored away for their nursery.
That was the big 20-week news. I wasn’t feeling much baby movement beyond flutters, just a few stronger thumps that might have been kicks, but the girls and I both seemed to have a growth spurt; my belly sometimes seems to grow overnight and week 20 felt like a week of this.
Twenty-one weeks is when I really started feeling more defined kicks or punches, and it was so exciting! I love feeling a “thump” and being able to tell which baby is doing her dance routine. I also started being able to feel them on the outside of my belly, but they would get shy and move if I put my hand where they were kicking. Baby B is especially active; Baby A is going to take after me– a napper! She also seems determined to be born first, since she often stays camped out down low while Baby B plays up high and down low.
During this week I also started to feel even hungrier in the mornings. I can’t eat a whole lot in one sitting, but since the beginning of week 21 I’ve felt like I eat every hour between waking and about 1 o’clock. I’m not as hungry in the afternoons, thankfully, but I’ve been caught red-handed several times snacking on multigrain cheerios (ok, let’s be real, that and chocolate cheerios) in the office kitchen. Pregnancy nutrition is another post altogether; let’s just say it’s time to refill my produce drawer and stop single-handedly financing General Mills.

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