24 weeks: Big belly, big girls

​I can sum up week 24 in one week: HUGE.
I saw a Baby Center forum post this morning titled “I feel like a heifer.” I laughed, because I can completely identify. Since when did my reflection take up the whole mirror?
From the time I had a real baby bump through 23 weeks, I mostly felt like my belly ​grew bigger incrementally, taking up more and more space in front but not taking over.
But now, there’s nothing small about the three of us. We look​ like there are three of us. In fact, a friend accurately pointed out the other day that I am now the same size ​as the model in my prenatal workout video, who is 35 weeks pregnant. Oof!
24 weeks, 5 days

24 weeks, 5 days

Thankfully, though, I’m still feeling comfortable. I don’t really get uncomfortable unless I sit for way too long. And I forget
how big I’ve gotten until I look in the mirror. Then I see one very pregnant lady!
​I’m thankful for that big belly, because it hopefully means our girls are growing big too. They were as big as singletons at 20 weeks, about 11 and 12 oz. Since they’ll probably come around eight months, I want them to keep it up! ​

Meanwhile, I’m trying to do my barre workout a few times a week, with walking on off days, so I’ll be ready to bounce back and keep up with the girls. I love my video, Suzanne Bowen’s Slim & Toned Prenatal Barre Workout. It’s plenty challenging, but I don’t ever feel like I’m working too hard to be safe.

These two are kicking and tumbling away, and I love that. I’m beginning to be able to predict when they’ll be active, too. They seem to sense work meetings and make sure to be disruptive during them. They’re most active in the evening, though, around 9 or 10. ​ The other day Bryant put his head on my belly and got a big kick in the face! ​

As far as diet goes, I’ve noticed if I put off a snack for a bit, sometimes  I realize I’m not hungry after all. But because of that tricky first trimester, I now equate hunger with panic and eat as soon as “snack” pops into my head.

My goal for the next few weeks is to snack better, keep doing my workout video and choose healthy foods, so the weight I gain is the girls and not mocha chocolate chunk ice cream. Chocolate is such a boring pregnancy craving (what about ice cream and pickles? Fish fingers and custard) but I think it’s mine.

Next week is my next doctor’s appointment, and I’m eager to hear how these girls are progressing.  I’m so thankful for such an uneventful pregnancy so far. Having twins may not be “two for the price of one,” but we’ve been so blessed.

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