Some Days You Just Need Netflix

Sleepy Lou

I did it: I let the babies watch TV.

It was 7p.m — bedtime– and Catalina was wailing in the boppy while Lucy, in nothing but a diaper, cried in the bouncer. A bath was getting cold, no bottle was ready and neither baby was bathed or in her pajamas. The swing didn’t calm them, singing fell on deaf ears, and the pacifiers had been spit out too many times to count.

This is not a daily occurrence in my house. Like I said, these girls are the most laid-back babies I know. But teething and skipping naps wreaks all kinds of havoc. I waffled between trying baby Tylenol for their sore gums, since nothing else had calmed their tears, and trying a last-ditch distraction, and went with option B:  Netflix. Yes, friends, I broke the no-screen rule for four-month olds.

The girls love the shapes and colors on the screen. Yesterday Lucy spent five minutes smiling at a mountain lake scene on a screensaver. The screen worked today, too. Lucy chilled naked in the bouncer watching Royal Pains while I fed Catalina, who was sleepy by the time she finished a bottle and a half. Growth spurt, anyone? Then once Catalina was drifting off in the swing, Lucy finished her dinner and went right to sleep in my arms. By 8:15 they were wearing pajamas, fed and sound asleep in the bassinet, and they haven’t stirred since.

Their bath is sitting cold and unused, and bedtime was a half hour late. But you know what? They ended the day happy instead of hoarse, and I ended it kissing their sweet faces as I lay them down instead of crying myself. Some days, you just need Netflix.

4 thoughts on “Some Days You Just Need Netflix

  1. Oh Michal how I love you and your words. It’s like our own Conger channel on Netflix…no worries. The babies are not scarred for life by the screen. 🙂 thank you for sharing….love you..Gigi

  2. God bless Netflix and the man/woman who invented it! Welcome to the #nomoreperfectmoms club! You’re rocking this mommy-of-twins gig, girl!

  3. I love reading your blog Michal. What an incredible Mommy you are-the love you have for Lucy and Catalina pours out if you into the page. Big hugs!!

  4. No screen time? That isn’t a rule anyone actually keeps, is it? 😉

    Some of the best advice someone gave me was this- “ONLY use the TV for a babysitter.” I had to do a double-take when she said that, as I’d always heard “don’t use the TV as a babysitter.” But, it turns out it was good. Many parents use screen time for regular entertainment and programing. But, we are intentional when we use screen time (and yes, as a babysitter). So, it happens when us adults need a break, like to fix dinner, have a meeting, need an at-home-date, or take a nap. And then, the TV isn’t on all the time and we can be more intentional with the kids when it isn’t on.

    Point being, not only do children require flexibility with their routines and schedules (as you said), but sometimes the “great evil” of a culture might actually just be a blessing! 🙂

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