All of a sudden I’m hilarious.

I don’t know quite when it happened, but my tiny newborn babies have turned into interactive little people with personalities, preferences and a sense of humor.


They used to do the same exact thing every day without any need for entertainment beyond a kick and play piano & a playmat. Now they’re like an explorer, a comic and a mini adult rolled into one squishy person.

For instance, Lucy decided one day not only to roll, but that the playmat wasn’t interesting enough and she was going to roll across the living room. Catalina doesn’t care about rolling, but cares very much about grabbing her toes and using those toes to kick everything in sight.

And now all of a sudden I’m hilarious. Yesterday I couldn’t get a word in edgewise– I’d start to talk and Catalina would giggle like I’d told a great joke. Then she laughed at me laughing at her. This went on for ten minutes, and all I had to do was say hello. Tonight I flipped my hair to put it in a ponytail, and Lucy cracked up, so I flipped my hair until I couldn’t anymore, which was about the time the girls couldn’t laugh anymore.

They think they’re the funniest of all, of course. Lucy does a new weird noise that my sister in law described as an old man complaining about getting up. It’s somewhere between a silly baby laugh, a yell and a cough. She thinks it’s awesome. Catalina thinks she’s hysterical for trying to eat my face.

It’s strange and wonderful to suddenly have halfway conversations with babies. I’ve been daydreaming for months of the days they’re old enough to go to the children’s museum or stay out for longer than an hour without crisis, and today I realized those days are coming sooner than I can imagine. Along with crawling, solid foods, and babyproofing… I’m glad we’re not quite there yet. Five months is pretty wonderful.

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