What’s in my diaper bag.

At Catalina’s first doctor’s appointment, we forgot to bring a change of clothes. Of course she had a blowout on the three minute drive there. Luckily, my dad was able to run a change over, but since then I always try to make sure my diaper bag is well stocked.
Warning: this is totally a novel for the interested. Who knew I could find so much to write about my diaper bag’s contents?

For the first few months, it was our baby survival kit. I’ve stuffed everything in there: at least six diapers at all times, with enough wipes for a few disasters, a changing pad, and a wet bag. Two clean onesies, pairs of pants and sweaters, and an assortment of socks. Feeding essentials: premade packaged formula to make feeding as simple as possible, and a clean bottle. Do you use two separate bottles for your twins? I don’t; they share everything else, and everything goes in their mouths these days.

Then there are the “just in case” items: disinfecting wipes and bottle & pacifier wipes– these were a lifesaver when we flew! Vaseline, baby sunscreen and Aveeno lotion, all trial size because there’s no room as it is! Teething tablets– we like Orajel homeopathic ones; they don’t have the belladonna Hyland’s has, or the benzocaine in numbing gels. Hand sanitizer: second most used item, after diapers and wipes. We live in the city and everything is gross.

All those things have come in handy at least a few times in the last five months. I hate leaving nonessentials at home only to need them the one time I try to simplify. But as the girls have gotten older, I’ve needed fewer things regularly, and the bag has become the mommy survival kit. I think there’s as much in there for me as there is for the girls!

I keep my purse essentials in there — wallet, key pouch, lip balm, lip gloss, backup mascara, pens, glasses, sunglasses– and my own just in case items: a scarf, a granola bar, gum, hair ties.

And most important of all: chocolate. For real. I mean, what do you need when you’re driving home after a successful but exhausting (or less than successful and even more exhausting) grocery shopping trip and can’t decide whether the frozen items or the babies’ hunger is more urgent? Not to mention my own hunger. Let’s be real; I ate my granola bar on the way out the door because I couldn’t manage to grocery shop and eat lunch in the same sleep-play-eat cycle. Now I won’t eat for another hour and really, I just need chocolate. I like Trader Joe’s tin of traveler’s chocolate because it doesn’t melt or squish and it comes in the perfect two-bite pieces.

There are a few things I always wish I had: a nursing cover; an extra snack for starving husbands; and a flannel receiving blanket. The blanket would double as a burp cloth, a sweater, or even a picnic blanket. I ditched the backup swaddle blankets once the girls gained a little weight– talk about an overstuffed diaper bag.

What do you keep in your diaper bag? Anything I’m overlooking or overthinking?

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