The one habit that changes everything

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One busy Saturday afternoon, I walked into the kitchen where Bryant had fed the girls lunch to find everything everywhere. Food on the girls, on the high chairs, on the floor. Dishes in the sink, on the counter and in the dishwasher– who knows if those were dirty or clean.

“I’m sorry,” Bryant said helplessly. “I wanted to clean the high chair trays but the sink is full, and I couldn’t empty the sink because the dishwasher is full and….”

If you have kids, this is an unavoidable scenario some days. (Let’s be real. Minus high chairs, it happened before kids.) And it used to be my reality every. single. day.

But! I have found that one simple habit makes the hugest difference in the entire day. HUGEST. If I run the dishwasher every night right before bed (to catch any late-night snack dishes) and unload the clean dishes during breakfast, everything stays cleaner the whole day.

Maybe you’re thinking, Duh, I’ve been doing that for years. Good for you!

But maybe your kitchen situation is more like mine used to be. In that case, having the space to clear each meal’s dirty dishes makes cleaning up so quick that I can do it while the girls finish eating. It also allows me to quickly prep meals with minimal mess, and means when dinner is over, I don’t spend an hour in the kitchen anymore because it’s already mostly clean. I can’t even tell you how amazing that feels.

So happy dishwasher unloading, and here’s to clean kitchens!

One thought on “The one habit that changes everything

  1. Oh yes! I do the same thing, too, DUH. It’s brilliant in helping your routine — I just fall behind at times, hehe. And we have a LITTLE counter dishwasher (which is better than not having one!). Some days I feel I have to run it TWICE. But it works out. 🙂 I run it after dinner usually and try to unload it before bed or in the morning before work (but you know how I like my sleep hehe) It hooks up to the sink facet, so I have to manually turn it off. ;-p

    I LOVE your little housekeeping tips — it’s like having a little window into your everyday world, and I get practical advice for today and if I have little ones in the future.

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