Cooking for Four

A lot has changed since I last wrote cooking for babies. My grocery budget, for one. I had no idea how much one year olds could eat!

FullSizeRender (9)

Since it’s no longer practical to cook separate meals for the girls, I’ve started trying to plan meals for the week that will feed all four of us. Sometimes the menu takes a bit of tweaking– the girls don’t eat tacos, for instance, so I have to make sure there’s a side they like along with their fish. But mostly it’s not too difficult with a little planning to make three meals a day instead of six.

Before I made myself a long list of baby-and-budget-friendly family meals, I was often stumped about what to feed them. So, in case it’s helpful to anyone else feeding toddlers, I thought I’d occasionally share our weekly meal plan. Here’s this week’s menu:

Sunday: Picnic after church for lunch; Mesquite pork tenderloin with roasted potatoes & cheesy peas for dinner.

Monday: Leftover salmon from Sunday for lunch; sweet potatoes and sausage over quinoa for dinner.

Tuesday: Cheesy chicken, spinach & rice bake for lunch; leftover pork with a salad for dinner.

Wednesday: Broccoli potato frittata for lunch; BBQ chicken pizza for dinner.

Thursday: PB & J for the girls and tuna salad for me for lunch; Mexican chicken & chorizo stew for dinner.

Friday: Leftover stew for lunch; early 4th of July party for dinner

Saturday: Burgers for lunch; fish tacos for dinner

Every week I also plan what I call a free meal– something super quick we have the ingredients for; or something that will feed us for several meals if I need it. This week it’s chili, since it’s going to storm all week. That way if I forget to thaw some meat or don’t feel like making falafel burgers, I can warm chili up several times and have a healthy meal.

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