Where to find mom friends

I used to feel a pang of jealousy when I saw other moms walking together as I walked the girls alone in our neighborhood. Where did they meet? How did they get brave enough to become friends? In our old neighborhood, the moms I met weren't interested in stopping to chat, let alone become friends. … Continue reading Where to find mom friends


Cutest tee ever

I stumbled across the cutest ever baby tee shirt this morning. Isn't it perfect? I want it, times two! In every color, so Lucy & Catalina can wear it every day. That way, when they protest after too many cuddles, I can say it's not my fault. Going (Etsy) shopping, back soon. P.S. her blog … Continue reading Cutest tee ever

Every age is the best age, but this one may be best of all

Diaper changes have been epic battles around here lately, so we've been trying some new tactics. The girls' favorite is to "help" put a diaper on their bears, and they like to carry "Diaper Bear" around. I came found them this morning¬†with their heads bent together, helping each other put a pink diaper on the … Continue reading Every age is the best age, but this one may be best of all