Every age is the best age, but this one may be best of all


Diaper changes have been epic battles around here lately, so we’ve been trying some new tactics. The girls’ favorite is to “help” put a diaper on their bears, and they like to carry “Diaper Bear” around.

I came found them this morning with their heads bent together, helping each other put a pink diaper on the bear. As soon as I helped them finish snapping the diaper on, Lucy hugged bear and carried it around until it was Catalina’s turn.

Things like that have been happening every day lately. I asked Lucy to give Catalina her milk cup, and she gave Catalina a kiss. They’re learning so much and wanting to do so many things themselves, but they aren’t so independent that they totally refuse help. I love it.

I’ve heard “every age is the best age,” and I totally agree so far– but I kind of want to freeze time right here because this age is really so wonderful.

They’re saying words, but not talking yet. I love hearing Lucy try SO HARD to say adult words. I think she’s just saying the most complicated words she can imagine, hoping they mean something in adult words.

They also love cleaning things, and are so happy if I give them a wet rag and ask them to wipe the floor or their high chair tray.

The park is finally fun for them, too. They’ve enjoyed swings for a while, but now they like to go down the slide and watch the big kids play. We’ve been going after breakfast and it’s a highlight for all of us.

This time really feels like the perfect in between age before all of a sudden I blink and they’re preschoolers, chattering nonstop and picking out their own clothes and learning to ride tricycles. I am sure that will feel like the most wonderful age when we meet it, but if I could just push the pause button and enjoy fourteen months, we’d linger here for a while.

The bane of our existence lately is afternoon naps. With two babies wanting two different nap schedules, we’ve got some logistical challenges if everyone (including mommy!) is going to be happy. Lucy wants two naps; Catalina wants one but needs two, and can’t stay awake from noon to 6:30 without serious crabbiness. So mostly we’ve been crabby. I’m a fan of the whole two-nap thing, but will enjoy the freedom of one nap once it’s become a settled routine. In the meantime, we’ve got Veggie Tales in reserve for the inevitable one-and-a-half-nap days. I wouldn’t pause the button on that particular aspect of life. 😉

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