A day in the life at 15 months


A fellow twin mom, whose boys are younger than Lucy and Catalina, and I were talking a few days ago about what life with eight month old twins is like. I was assuring her there is a light at the end of the tunnel that is the clingy, halfway-mobile, constantly-eating months. But when I tried to describe our days “back then,” just months ago, it was hard to remember! Everything changes every few months, and everything before now is kind of a fuzzy, mostly-happy blur.

So, as much for my own sake as for anyone who stumbles across this little day-in-the-life post, I thought I’d document what our days look like right now.

6:45: The girls wake up, and Bryant (Super Dad!) gets up with them so he can have some play time before work.

7:15: I get up, nurse the girls, get them a quick snack if they’re cranky, and make breakfast, usually waffles or eggs.

7:45:  Bryant leaves; we 3 girls eat breakfast

8:30: I clean up breakfast, then turn on Curious George long enough to drink my coffee. Then it’s playtime: legos, baby strollers, books.

9 or 10-ish: We usually go for a walk, to our favorite coffeeshop + playroom, or to Target (what is it with Target?) because by 10 the girls are getting grumpy and starting to steal each other’s toys.

11:30: big snack/early lunch

noon-ish: Naptime! It’s usually a little after noon, but this is when meltdowns start.

Naptime: I usually make myself lunch, clean the kitchen, and then while I eat, I check email and social media, read a few blogs… then I read my Bible and cross off items on my to-do list. By now I’m wondering what I’ve done with my time, and I usually have time to do a little laundry or something before the girls wake up.

2:45: Girls wake up and have a snack; then playtime.

3-5: We go to the pool if it’s nice, or run errands and or do bath time if it’s not nice.

5-5:30: Dinner prep. The girls play nearby or “help”.

5:30: The girls eat dinner and FaceTime Daddy.

6:30ish: Bedtime, complete with lots of songs and cuddles. They’ve gotten into the habit of launching themselves into bed and then asking to be picked up again, so we’re working on not getting back up once they’re in bed.

6:45-7: I veg. Like seriously, I turn into a blob and wish I could drink coffee at night. Usually Instagram til there’s nothing new to look at, then stare at the ceiling.

7:15-9: Clean up the girls’ explosive dinner mess, eat dinner with Bryant, and clean up the kitchen and toys.

9-11:45: I usually end up finding many half-done chores to finish, start blog-browsing, then remember too late that I need to shower, and end up scrambling to bed at 11:45 grumpy because I know I’ll be tired in the morning. Someday I’ll learn.

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