Toddler activities, IRL

Lucy, Catalina and I have gotten into an informal routine of Messy Activity of the Day: a new activity to keep them occupied while I make dinner or try to finish my coffee before it gets cold. They are such active, curious little girls that it's served us very well. The cleanup is a different story, … Continue reading Toddler activities, IRL


Friday Favorites

It's fall, I'm in a sweater, and it's Friday, so I thought I'd share five things I'm loving right now (inspired by Hannah at The Art In Life). #1: These BabyLit books. The girls love the Sherlock Holmes sounds primer, and now say, "ding, dong, ding, dong," when they see a clock or my watch. We also love … Continue reading Friday Favorites

A new & improved cleaning schedule (or, how not to go crazy)

It's Monday. It looks like we've done a week's worth of living in our apartment, and it's barely after noon. But I'm not worried. (Okay, maybe a little scared, but not much.) Until recently I felt like I had no plan except to run around and clean everything-- which never actually works, right? But now … Continue reading A new & improved cleaning schedule (or, how not to go crazy)