A new & improved cleaning schedule (or, how not to go crazy)


It’s Monday. It looks like we’ve done a week’s worth of living in our apartment, and it’s barely after noon. But I’m not worried. (Okay, maybe a little scared, but not much.) Until recently I felt like I had no plan except to run around and clean everything– which never actually works, right?

But now I have a plan. An episode of Miss Fisher and my new & improved weekly cleaning schedule will help set everything to rights, without me going crazy trying to get every room perfect every day, but without lingering messes.

The challenge has been to find a cleaning schedule designed for moms of toddlers– multiple laundry days, multiple mopping & sweeping days, things like that. So instead of scheduling things like vacuuming for every day, I have days where I leave time for extra “as needed” chores. Or if things are getting desperate on a non-mopping day, I’ll take a rag and spot clean the messes, without dragging out the Swiffer for the whole floor.

So, this is the schedule that’s working for us right now. I think everyone’s plan will be a little different, but if you need inspiration, I hope this helps.

Daily: Dishes; kitchen counters, sink & sweep floor; wipe down bathroom; tidy toys and bedrooms in the evening.

Sunday: Meal planning; mop kitchen floor; vacuum

Monday: Grocery shopping; make lunches for the week; wash a load of diapers.

Tuesday: Put away diapers and wash, dry & put away a load of laundry; vacuum.

Wednesday: Iron clothes, mop floor.

Thursday: Bathrooms; spot clean (here’s that built-in time for anything that needs cleaning, including occasional jobs like the fridge, baseboards, etc.)

Friday: Dust & vacuum; mop; wash diapers & do a load of clothes.

Weekend: Put away diapers and do laundry as needed for the week.

During nap time, I unload the dishwasher and clean up from lunch; start loads of laundry; tidy the toys; and eat lunch while I do computer tasks or finish reading my devotional, which is usually interrupted when the girls wake up.

I try really hard lately to put things way as I use them, which helps immensely when I do it. I tend to leave a trail behind me, so working on putting things away has cut down on my after-bedtime cleanup.

After the girls go to bed, I clean up their dinner mess and the kitchen. After dinner I tidy; vacuum or mop; clean the bathroom if it’s a bathroom day; and do any remaining laundry. It’s an all-day process, but this way I have a little downtime at nap time and some time before bed.

What’s your cleaning schedule like?

One thought on “A new & improved cleaning schedule (or, how not to go crazy)

  1. My schedule looks a lot like yours, with the exception of laundry every day. I throw a load in every morning (either darks, whites, or towels, depending on what’s piled highest) and that helps us a) keep up with it so there’s not a massive pile, and b) able to have a smaller wardrobe. I also have resigned myself to taking one day to sweep/mop the whole house, because floors seem to be the last thing on the list and something I can’t keep up with every day. Otherwise it’s a pretty even split of everything else, with some deep cleaning happening occasionally on weekends or when Alex can watch the boys. 🙂

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