Friday Favorites

It’s fall, I’m in a sweater, and it’s Friday, so I thought I’d share five things I’m loving right now (inspired by Hannah at The Art In Life).

#1: These BabyLit books. The girls love the Sherlock Holmes sounds primer, and now say, “ding, dong, ding, dong,” when they see a clock or my watch. We also love Pride and Prejudice, because of the sisters, of course.


#2 Is this amazing, amazing chocolate. I got it as a gift, but I’d buy it again; it’s so worth the splurge if you savor it. Sweet & salty, crunchy, and bittersweet, it’s the perfect thing at the end of a long day.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 2.13.14 PM

#3 Is this book of Dorothy Sayers’ short stories. Her Peter Wimsey stories are the best. He and his valet Bunter are a more intelligent and charming Jeeves & Wooster, solving more sinister crimes. I’ve been staying up way too late these days reading “just one more” of her short stories, and now that I’ve finished those, it’s on to another Peter Wimsey novel.

Here’s a little snippet from Murder Must Advertise (set in an advertising agency):

“They won’t let Mr. Bredon [Wimsey] out of this department for a bit,” said Miss Meteyard. “They’re all up in the air about his Whifflets stunt. Everybody always hoped Dean would do better somewhere else. He was like a favourite book—you liked him so well that you were always yearning to lend him to somebody else.”

“What a savage woman you are,” observed Ingleby, coolly amused. “It’s that kind of remark that gets the university woman a bad name.”

He glanced at Willis, who said:“It isn’t the savagery. It’s the fact that there’s no animosity behind it. You are all like that.”

“You agree with Shaw—whenever you beat your child, be sure that you do it in anger.”

“Shaw’s Irish,” said Bredon. “Willis has put his finger on the real offensiveness of the educated Englishman—that he will not even trouble to be angry.”

“That’s right,” said Willis. “It’s that awful, bleak, blank—” he waved his hands helplessly—“the façade.”

“Meaning Bredon’s face?” suggested Ingleby, mischievously.

“Icily regular, splendidly null,” said Bredon, squinting into Miss Rossiter’s mirror. “Strange, to think that a whole Whifflets campaign seethes and burgeons behind this solid ivory brow.”

“Mixed metaphor,” said Miss Meteyard. “Pots seethe, plants burgeon.”

“Of course; it is a flower of rhetoric culled from the kitchen-garden.”

#4: My Mei Tai baby carrier. We have three sets of stairs between us and our car, so getting the girls out the door safely is so much easier when I can wear them. I wear them almost every day, often at the same time, for quick errands or places where the stroller will be in the way. It’s amazingly easy to get a toddler onto my back in the Mei Tai, and the straps are low-profile enough that they don’t interfere with the Ergo I wear on the front. I just love it so much.


A happy girl in the Mei Tai (which you can’t see)

#5: My crock pot. They’re anyone’s best kitchen friend, but especially moms of busy toddlers. This morning I threw a beef roast, a jar of pepperoncinis and some garlic in there, and tonight for dinner we had Italian beef sandwiches. There’s nothing better on the days I’ve got two clingy, teething toddlers on my lap at 4:45p.m. than knowing I can stay there as long as they need me because dinner’s cooking itself.

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