I resolve: to buy more flowers


I brought flowers home from the grocery store today–  just a simple bouquet, but I’ve been reminded how much cheer and goodness can come from something so simple.

I love little touches of pretty things around the house– flowers especially. But I feel like I took a break from the “extras” when the girls were born and every bit of my attention was devoted to them.  Now I’m getting to take a step back, look at our home again as a family’s home and not just a home with babies, and give a little to superfluous good things again.

My thoughts on flowers lines up with what I  mentioned recently about the beautiful moments we love [or love to hate] on Instagram: they’re lovely, but superfluous, and in the case of Instagram they certainly can obscure the whole picture. But one reason I think those cropped and filtered moments can be of value is to help clear the mists of familiarity for a moment and allow us to recognize the sweetness already present in our lives.

But buying flowers this week reminded me that I want to move beyond just seeing beauty. I want recognition to be a stepping stone to actively beautifying the space I’ve been given.  I want to plant & nurture the blooms where I myself have been planted.

There’s something so powerful about lovely things. They lift my gaze to the things that last longer than today or this week. Actively cultivating a beautiful home and life helps me enjoy and embrace each phase and season I’m walking through. It sends a message to my heart that there’s sweetness in each day and I can help make it happen, whether my kids are behaving perfectly or melting down in the checkout line.

One of my goals for this year is to more intentionally create beauty around me. Maybe everyone else is already on it, and I’m late to the party? Instagram sure makes it look that way. Now excuse me while I go use New Year’s Resolutions to paper my home in all things Rifle Paper Co.

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