Our favorite snacking cookies

I'm no food blogger, but I think all moms need a good snacking cookie up their sleeves for park days and playdates. I like them slightly health-ified, so they're filling enough for busy afternoons. These Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip Cookies are gluten free and can be dairy-free if you use the appropriate chocolate chips (or sub … Continue reading Our favorite snacking cookies


Hospitality when your house is less than ‘grammable

We hosted a casual Easter lunch last week for a few friends, which wound down almost at dinner time as any good lunch does. It was an easy menu, and I decorated with a bouquet of lilies, our good tablecloth and dishes, and a few candles. It seemed just right, until the night before, I had … Continue reading Hospitality when your house is less than ‘grammable