Things I Love: Tired Mom Eyes Edition

This week, all two days of it, has been One Of Those. One poor sick sister kept them both up hours past bedtime Monday, then Catalina skipped her nap yesterday and kept me hopping, then they both managed to spread all three folded & sorted loads of laundry across the entire living room in the two minutes I walked out of the room.

But, a few favorite things make even terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad days better. (Besides the amazing babysitter, bless her– she took my girls to play with my friend’s son, because she was nearby and knew we’d had a week.) 

I’m especially excited about my new mascara.  When I’m dragging and unshowered, I hate to look even more tired than I feel. But for years, almost as soon as I put on my mascara, I’ve had smudges under my eyes that got worse and worse. I tried different brands, super waterproof and all, and nothing worked… until:

L’Oreal Beauty Tubes Mascara. 


Game-changer. The mascara binds itself around your eyelashes as it dries, and then it doesn’t budge, whether you laugh til you cry or get caught in the rain. Then, it comes right off with warm water. You can see the little eyelash-shaped tubes when they wipe right off. No more smudges, no more tired mom eyes, and it’s a drugstore brand. Magic.

Cold Brew Coffee. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 2.34.13 PM

Stumptown cold brew is my favorite, whether it’s the chocolate in the carton for special days or the nitro-infused stuff in a can for realllly tired days. I can usually find it at Whole Foods and some of my local coffee shops. But at $4 each, it’s not exactly a pantry staple, you know? So instead, I sometimes splurge on Trader Joe’s cold brew coffee concentrate. It’s almost as good as the Stumptown and lasts me a whole week if I stick to my usual cup a day. (I have been known to have an afternoon cup, though, because it’s just so good.)

Rifle Paper Co. Notepad 


I’ve always been a list person, but it’s not always been pretty. Before Rifle Paper Co. entered my life, it was more like an explosion of variously colored sticky notes and lists in any of several notebooks. I could never find my to-do lists and didn’t want to see them when I did. But pretty paper will do wonders. I don’t lose these to-dos– until they’re done, and then I just throw them away. No more cute notebooks filled with a year’s worth of meaningless to-do lists interspersed with more important notes. Just inspiration.

I’m off to kiss a cute baby and bring a new mom some of our favorite snacking cookies! Have a wonderful Wednesday.

These aren’t paid advertisements– just things I love enough to share! 


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