When life hands you mud puddles

We’ve had a record rain streak here and it has thrown a bit of a wrench in our spring routine. Park days, runs in our trusty double jogger, and spontaneous walks to look at the ducks who have taken up residence in our pool have all been infrequent. We spend a lot of time cooking in their kitchen– I’ve had a lot of “coffee a milk” this week!

But there is one pretty great thing about endless rain.


Lucy and Catalina love splashing in puddles. They consider any amount of water a “puddle” and will splash in it for as long as I’ll let them. Today was a prime splashing day, with a late afternoon break in the near constant drip that let them splash and jump without their jackets.

With an equally record-breaking streak of late nights and skipped naps last week, I can’t say I even noticed how endless the rain has been til this week, with sleep back to normal. (Hallelujah!) But now we’re really missing the playground, and I’m missing my mini runs on the way to the park, and wondering how much longer til we can wear the shorts we optimistically broke out last month. Summer, we’re ready for you!


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