These twos are anything but terrible

  Before you pat me on the head and think, "That's so cute, just wait til the twos really get started," be assured we have our double share of tantrums, screaming matches, poop on the floor, running into streets, random sudden fears, and hair-pulling. They intensified just around two with a force that was definitely terrible, … Continue reading These twos are anything but terrible


Fight the itch, save a life 

All pregnant women get itchy, right? It's normal. Your belly is stretching, stretch marks inevitably make their appearance, and you're generally uncomfortable. But what if it's not normal? What if it's actually a life-threatening itch? With Lucy and Catalina, I had a rare condition called Intrahepatic Cholestastis of Pregnancy, a liver condition that can be … Continue reading Fight the itch, save a life